Thursday, October 20, 2005

In Memorandum Of Nuttsy

The other day, a dead squirel was found under a seat in the magazine section of the library where I work. Given that the entrances are far and few, it is highly unlikely that this squirel somehow entered of its own volition. Unless we're talking the mission impossible squirel that stealthily snuck into the ducts and navigated this complex maze of tubes to land dead in our library, then we're looking at someone just a little sicker than the usual library crowd.
In fact, I know it couldn't be a mission impossible squirel because any squirel who could make it into the library undetected would not have died. That kind of squirel would be the bane of the library making us spend endless hours in its pursuit.

So, someone brought in a dead squirel to share with us. Why or how? None of us knows. In fact, we really really really don't want to know. There are many great questions in the universe that I desire the answer to; that's not one of them.
I'm doing my best the ignore the fact that someone collected a dead squirel from the road (lord I hope it was dead in the first place!) carefully smuggled it into the library, then neatly deposited it in a not too obvious place.

This is why psychology intership sites should include the library. There's always plenty of abnormal behavior and severe psychosis to learn from.


Blogger Mae Kyl said...

That is great! I love your take on the situation/incident! (Mission Impossible Squirrel would probably have been nearly undectable!!)

Love Ya!

10:25 AM  

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