Friday, October 21, 2005

One size fits all

One Size Fits All (or Most) is one of the biggest lies you can find in the clothing industry. It is proudly proclaimed on the packages when you go to buy a costume or other generic article of clothing like a prize from a cereal box.

I want to know who the hell, they're getting their idea of normal from?! I'm not exactly circus freak material but there has never been a time that I could fit into anything with that label without some serious squirming. I'm not even going into the horror of One size fits all for panyhose. (sadists) I'm not overweight but I still can never squeeze into anything that bears that misleading label. My question is, who does? If your not ten or Twiggy, what average American woman actually fits that?

I laugh pretty hard at those costumes that do bother to specify a size because they pretty much follow the line of thought that spawned on size fits all. Sizes 8-14 are more like 3-7.
This is how I know that a man decided the sizing options. No woman would be so masacistic or unrealistic. Errr....except for shoes. We sure take a lot of abuse for a cute shoe.


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