Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Sign Blindness

You know, I'd always thought that the blindness people showed for all signs no matter how large or brightly decorated was a sort of disorder.
I had always naively hoped that they simply could not see these massive structures full of the helpful information that they so desperately need. (ie: the bathroom sign)

But no, my little illusion which helped me get through the day without ripping out my hair has been shattered.

At our library, you use a little computer to make a reservation for a computer. Once the reservation is made, it gives you a neat little receipt bulging with obvious and precise information of where to go and when. There can be no confusion:
Computer # 3
Time: 2:15
Wait: 15 min.
Pin #: 2252

Easy right? But oh no, about five people a day march up to my desk and thrust this little piece of paper under my nose demanding to know what they do next! I'm starting to wonder if it's sheer laziness, surely the effort to read must be too great a burden! If it's not laziness, then I fear for our world. If that many people are too stupid to follow specific directions printed out for them, then I'm retreating to a cave deep underground for the end is nigh. Like a spork war or dying of plague because no one washes their hands after using the bathroom.

I'm always so tempted to be a smart ass when there is such a distinct lack of effort. I want to say: Oh, is the print on the paper bad? Habla engles?
I don't know either. They should really put that information down on a slip of paper to help you out.

I guess I could also make them read the paper and tell me what they think they're supposed to do, but that type of person always quickly runs to tattle on me saying that I'm being rude and conscending. *sigh* I lack the personal strength to smile and pretend you're smart when you can't even try to read a slip of paper.
That, in my opinion, is what truly qualified Mother Theresa for sainthood. I bet she could do it.
Dear God! It just happened again while I was typing!!
Well, that's going to have to end it. I'm going in the back and sobbing with frustration. Let me know if any of you know of a cave with low rent.


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