Tuesday, November 15, 2005


What's worse than a screaming child?

A parent screaming at the child to stop screaming.

Case in point:

Right in front of our desk are our internet computers. A father and a mother sitting side by side have two children sitting not three feet away from me. One of which is cry/screaming while the other is trying to grab everything off of my desk. The father starts yelling at his child to come back. The child, probably deafened by a lifetime of screaming, completely ignores him. What does this quick learner do? Why naturally, he just continues yelling his child's name. After the tenth time and I had to extract a handfull of bookmarks from the industrious child, the father leaned over and grabbed the child's arm to drag him back. (that's right, he was that close!)

Meanwhile, the child in his arms continued screaming unabated with the father throwing out sporatic yells to stop screaming. The mother then leans over and yells for him to stop the child from screaming. He yells back that he's trying.

I'm not even exagerating space or volume, my co-worker can verify this.
I'm sorely tempted to scream at the father not to scream at his child not to scream. Anarchy is a speciality of mine.

*sigh* Is it a bad thing when we start to miss the jackhammers going off right outside of the area?


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