Monday, December 05, 2005

Just A Sweet Transvestite

More humorous/tramatizing incidences from our cop friend.

Librarian Extraordinaire, this one's for you. You mentioned how your girls were always in escape mode, well, this person tops your adventurous bossum.

Mel Archy stopped a transvestite casually walking down the middle of a road. They politely nudged the fellow over to the side of the road and asked for his/her ID. He/she fumbled around his/her person looking for the proper identification finally finding it tucked away in his/her tight fitting shirt in the bra. While tugging his/her ID free, one of the pseudo-girls fell out revealing itself to be a water balloon when it expoded on the street.

Professional above and beyond the call of duty, Mel and his partner remained calm and continued with their business. Once they got the transvestite into the back of the squad car, Mel and his partner had to scurry to the back of it away from the camera and laugh hysterically.

I've given to understand that it was also a very quiet trip to the station.

Once again, I tip my hat to you Mel for your solid professionalism in the face of absurdity. The rest of us would have been helpless with laughter and let the guy get away.


Blogger Doggie Extraordinaire's Mom said...

Lovely! I've never had one of my girls burst like that (mine are REAL), but they are always trying to wiggle free of their binding. I guess I shouldn't complain about their bad behavior. At least they don't rupture in front of two police officers. Then again, I don't use my bra as extra storage space. Hehe, that was a good one, though. I doubt I'd have been able to hold it together... no pun intended.

10:21 PM  

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