Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Mud slinging

Hehe, I thought I'd like to share with you one of my pet peeves that I perversely also find quite funny.

Anyone in public service knows to cringe from the adolescent crowd as they tend to be snotty, ill tempered, rude, unreasonable, and loud.

Any attempts to reign in their behavior is met with rude comments and they make a point of being even more obnoxious just because I'm in public service and can't throttle them while on the clock. Oh ye of little faith. *evil grin* I can hurt people where it won't show.
But that's beside the point.

The pet peeve I have is that they love to retaliate against my authority by muttering lewd names under their breath. Normally, that really gets under my skin because, as I said, I can't throttle them while on the clock. However, I get to have my fun when they do it in a very passive aggressive way that capitalizes on their fear of confronting authority.

Yesterday, I was forced to confront a wiry youth many times about the computer as he was being very loud and running from one computer to the next to chat with his friends while disturbing everyone in a hundred foot radius. When the time came for him to blessedly take his leave, he muttered "punk-ass bitch" as he scurried past the desk.

Yes, that's when my evil grin appears and I prepare to draw on the lung power of my band days.
In a very loud, very cheerful voice that rings through the library I call out to the retreating youth:

Me: I'm sorry what did you say? I didn't quite catch that. (The library stops and everyone turns to stare at the young man)
Punk: Nothin' *avoiding eye-contact*
Me: Are you sure? *cue arched eyebrow to indicate I know exactly what he said*
Punk: Yea *shoving his hands in his pockets and half turning away*
Me: Oh okay. If you need to tell me anything, just let me know!

It's fun watching them run from the library while still trying to maintain their bad boy demeanor.

So, while I may be a bitch (what librarian isn't in the face of that?). I can proudly say I'm not a punk because I refuse to mutter names at people and run away when called on it. If names will be called, you can bet I won't say them under my breath.


Blogger Happy Villain said...

If someone called me a punk-ass-bitch, I think I'd laugh myself silly. That would be one of the nicer things I've been called. Although, the names are usually being hurled by the "adults" when they can't get their way. Who's the punk-ass-bitch? Ahem!

12:22 AM  

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