Thursday, February 09, 2006

Parking Space Nazies

The library shares space with various other county offices in the same building. We meekly cram ourselves into the limited space of the first floor while they take over the second. We are also surrounded by government buildings.

Our parking lot has the same space issues that the library itself does. It's way too small for the amount of people that use the facilities and that tiny space must be shared with the workers and patrons of the other departments. There are two separate parking lots...erm...squares of asphalt. The choice one is right at the door and this is reserved for handicapped parking and for the county employees. It is much smaller than the one ten feet away and is filled with ominous signs threatening towing for anyone adacious enough to park in these run down yet sacred spots.

I have yet to see anyone more rabid about a parking space outside of Walmart.

When I was first hired and came across the street from human resources with my special car sticker in hand, I assumed that meant I could park in the sacred spaces. I was amost instantly corrected in a very candid way.

I had just parked and was gathering my things when a very loud rapping rattled my driver's side window. Who's that rapping at my chamber door?
Needless to say that I almost became incontinent from shock (this isn't the best part of town).
There was a well dressed woman standing there virtually steaming and turning the most interesting shade of purple. Alarmed, I hastily got out of my car wondering what medical emergency was transpiring. I noticed a bright red car edged so close to my bumper that I started to wonder if I was going to get charged for a proctology exam.

"YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO PARK HERE!!! COUNTY EMPLOYEES ONLY!!!" She sputtered full of righteous indignation. I stared at her blankly for a moment, my poor brain trying to process the reason for such rage. Remember, I had barely started to work for the library so I was unused to instances of rage over minor things. Ahhh, the good old days.....

"Oh, I'm a county employee. I work for the library." I said. At this point I was wondering if perhaps an ambulance should be called because I think she was so enraged she forgot to breathe. Pretty colors.
"NO, YOU CAN'T PARK HERE. LIBRARY PEOPLE DON'T COUNT. MOVE NOW!!!!!" Ah, lovely, so nice to know that we're appreciated by the community. What percicely do you do that makes your presence so much more valuable than mine? Perhaps the Public Relations Department?

Being the decent human being that I am, I capitulated rather than be screamed at and moved my car a whooping ten feet to the other parking lot. Apparently, this was not a rare case of one evil person. Oh no, all of us have been screamed at by this irrational lot when we naively parked in their sacred places. Not only that, they feel the need to inform us of every infraction as if we are somehow responsible for our patrons.

Time and time again they march up to our desk loudly proclaiming that their sacred parking place had been defiled by one outside their ranks.

"Someone parked in my reserved spot! It was a blue truck!"
*blink blink*'re really not responsible for enforcing that.
Well I need to find out who did to make them move!!
(Good luck with that. Now, can I help you find a book? You do realize you're in a library right?)We don't have a PA system here to annouce such a thing. I'm afraid I can' t help you. You're welcome to question our patrons or check upstairs in the other department.
She just stood there for long moments staring at me and blinking. I returned my attention to the computer and promptly ignored her unitl she wandered away still shaking with emotion.

Through the whole conversation they look both insane with anger and near tears. They fume and yell and roll their eyes. I can't help but wonder what they expect a reference librarian to do for them? What is going through their panic sticken little minds that makes them think I can magically wave a wand and make the mystery truck owner appear before them? What makes them think I care? I'm a bitter overworked librarian, I could care less that you had to walk ten feet. True, I'm going to be a Psychologist one day, but today is not that day.
Who the hell goes to a librarian for parking lot violations?! It scares me that these same people are in government services. Watch out DMV, you've got competition for rudest, most unreasonable staff!

Walk the extra ten feet and live with it People! The exercise will do you good. Perhaps you can use the extra ten seconds to work on anger management or reassess your priorities.


Blogger Tiny Little Librarian said...

We have a similar problem, though not quite on that scale of rage. We share the parking lot with the seniors' centre next door. The head guy over there once came in and told an employee she couldn't park in one of the spots near the front because the seniors needed it. This was NOT a handicapped space nor is there any sort of actual policy on that, he was just being an ass. We work until 9:00 at night and are all women - unsurprisingly, she didn't want to park in the back or at the far end of the lot. I think our crappy manager at the time gave in to him, though.

On another note, I can fully identify with your bitter librarianness being asked to do something you have nothing to do with - it's crazy how often that happens!

12:13 PM  
Blogger Library Psychosis said...

Doesn't that suck how our directors have to give it to people who are blatantly wrong just because we're not privately owned?!

9:57 AM  

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