Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Street Justice

I'm officially beyond pissed at the lousy policies that protect patrons at the risk of employees.

There is a patron who has been purposefully stalking the staff for weeks. He repeatedly asks us out and then goes and complains that we are not attentive enough when we repeatedly (and politely) refuse him. He follows us around and blatantly will stare at us either scowling or with a dirty smirk. He loves to use his concealed gun license as his proof of ID. I guess that makes him feel like a big man letting all of us women folk know that not only is he an obnoxious pervert, but he's armed as well. I'm still not going out with him. I think I'd rather be disembowel than spend one minute with him.

Last week he upped the stakes by announcing to a circulation worker that God will give all of us uterine cancer because we won' t go out with him. This was said in complete vicious certainty. Lovely, that way I'll be put out of my misery and won't have to deal with his slimy ass any more.

Yesterday, he pulled out a knife and left it on the table right in front of him to further drive home the point that we're dealing with a perverted and dangerous psycho.

What does policy say? We can do absolutely nothing!!!! Our well being has been repeatedly threatened mentally, physically, and emotionally but we must smile and invite further abuse. The sheriff came and talked to him but what does that ever do? Why, it made him belligerent and even more dangerous. He spent the day harassing us verbally and approaching staff members only to veer away at the last moment. That night, he verbally assaulted a part time worker because he walked away from his computer for half an hour and someone else took it.

Our director, the awesome man that he is, let us know that we can handle him however we want from now on. Honestly, he's just as desperately looking for a reason to ban this walking freak as we are. He finds himself as ruthlessly tied by impotent policies as we are.
We've started a list of all the incidences that have occurred and petitioned the county for a security guard but all they offered was for us to call the sheriff's office when there's a problem. Oh good, let's give the psycho twenty minutes to run rampage against staff and patron alike.

What the hell is wrong with this system?!?!?!?!?!!?!!! Is my life really so meaningless?! I may be a lowly part time worker but come on!

That's it, I'm giving a call to arms for all the abused public workers. It's time for street justice vigilante style. I'm tired of taking crap from this wacked out assholes on a power trip. Me, I'm from Amazon stock with a large frame and a yellow belt in Tae-Kwon-Do. I have no problem clocking out and taking this scum on in the parking lot. I could snap that little man like a twig and I have all the training I need to disarm him first.
Join me my fellow libraries tired of being screamed at, threatened, insulted, and looked down upon! It's time to take back our libraries from the belligerent and the perverted. No more shall we take groping and sneerings just because we're paid (horribly) to!
Take up your scissors and metal nail files! Load your staplers and grab the nearest volume of Who's Who. It's time for some Library Justice!!!

Now where's my flame thrower? It's time to take out the trash!


Blogger Happy Villain said...

You go girl!

Oh and, um, that sounds a lot like harassment, or, um, that sounds EXACTLY like harassment, and while you might be living in a southern state where guns are more common than people, knives and threats (however obtuse uterine cancer threats are), should not be tolerated by anyone. This is harassment pure and simple. My understanding of the very definition of workplace harassment covers all of the things you mentioned, and is not exclusive to staff only. Clients, patrons, patients, etc., are not allowed to harass you at work like that. If your director, however understanding he is, does not do something proactively, he's going to find himself seeking an attorney. You might want to talk to one yourself. Inaction is often as bad as the offense itself. Sometimes just the threat of an attorney sparks action.

Good luck. Carry pepper spray. Aim for gonads to prevent spreading of his seed!

12:15 AM  
Blogger The Cackling Hens said...

I agree - It definitely sounds like harassment and I think this patron should be banned from the library. I know my public library can do this but they have a security guard on the premises.

5:58 AM  
Blogger Kyu_Sensei said...

Awwwww, poor baby is soooo tortured. Worry not, I don't work at the library and can therefore wait in the parking lot!

11:21 AM  
Blogger Tiny Little Librarian said...

Holy cow, I can't believe there's nothing y'all can do! That sounds like a laundry list of banning offenses right there. Yeesh, libraries do generally lean (wrongly, in my opinion) in favour of patrons' "rights" but that's just going too far. I hope it can be rectified soon.

In the meantime, great call to arms! I had a run-in with an asshole patron today, so I'm with ya!!

9:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If this yutz is taking out weapons it's time to call the cops. Does your library have incident reports? Everytime freak-case gets spooky, fill one out and keep a copy.
I feel your pain--we're so PC with wack-jobs that we forget the vast populaion of normals.

2:49 PM  

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